Top 4 home remedies that can keep UTI away from Dogs

Dogs are of different breeds. Some of them are killing while some are just playful.However, the UTI is a disease that can cause risk of life to a dog of any of the breeds. UTI is Urinary tract infection which causes strain in the dogs while they are urinating. There might also be blood stains and spotting in your pet’s urine. There are a number of reasons why your pet might have urinary tract infection,but one of the commonest cause is theirregular drinking of water leading to less frequent urination. Other causes might include accumulation of stones in the bladder, infection in the bladder, trauma and stress, cancer and any kind of abnormality. In case of serious problems, you must not waste time and consult a vet. But there are also home remedies which can help you to treat UTI symptoms in lesser proportions. Your pet is just like your child,and since it cannot take care of its own, you must ensure that in such cases you are providing extra care at home as well.Image result for Dog Training

Top 4 home remedies that can keep UTI away from dogs!

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: The bacteria present in your pet’s system can be fought off with this natural antiseptic agent. The acid that is present in the apple cider vinegar prevents further bacterial growth as well. One could add small amounts of apple cider to their dog’s drinking water,and it is preferable to repeat it twice per day for a week and a half.
  • Hot, warm bath:A hot bath of your dog ensures that the bacterial build-up near the urethral opening can be cleaned and also it relieves the dog of pain, if any. Regular baths also prevent the further spreading of this bacterium in the rest of the body. It is advisable to make use of not too hot water and allow your dog to soak in it for ten minutes. This releases its muscles. After that, it is always to gently wash the body and pay extra attention to the genitals. Also, too much soap is not advisable.
  • Keep your dog hydrated: Keeping one’s dog hydrated ensures that the bacteria are flushed out of the system naturally with ease. Bowls of fresh water should be placed in and around a number of areas around the house. It should be ensured that the water is fresh. It is your responsibility to make sure that the dog drinks plenty of fluid every day.
  • Vitamin C: When your dog has low immunity, Vitamin supplements or tablets boost it up. It is very important to fight off the bacteria causing UTI. Also, as Vitamin C is acidic, keeping it ones’ dog system helps in killing the bacteria. One can sprinkle over crushed vitamin C tablets over their dog’s food. Thos process must be repeated for seven days on a regular basis. You must remember that only one vitamin C tablet each day is more than enough because as urine which is strongly acidic is a potential cause for UTI. Visit here to taring your dog by professional dog trainers.